Make Your Phone Ring!

This simple marketing strategy exploded Ruben's investing business and earned him a spot in Rich Dad's Hall of Fame!

He now has 400+ vehicles advertising his business, and people lined up BEGGING to advertise HIS business on THEIR car!

Now you can get EVERYTHING you need to EXPLODE your business with Ruben's lead generating system.


What in the world is a Bandit Sign?

You've probably seen one on the corner of a street --
a small corrugated plastic sign, with a hand written or printed message...

"We buy houses CASH"
"Garage Sale"
"Lawn Service"

Since most cities have ordinances governing the installation of signs on public property, industry has coined them the term, "Bandit Signs."

Although we do not endorse placing signs along public roadside, it is a medium that has proven to be very effective at getting the attention of local motorists.

Now there is an even better method
of getting your ad in front of the eyes of other motorists.

The Bandit Sign on Wheels (TM) is an easy-to-install vinyl decal that you can place on your vehicle's rear window.

You no longer have to worry about having your sign blown away, pulled up, or fear violating any local ordinances.

Plus, it's affordable, efficient and eco-friendly.

With Bandit Sign on Wheels, you're marketing your business every second you're on the road.

Imagine what you could do with a whole fleet of of cars...

Learn How to Make Money by
Advertising on Other People's Cars
with this detailed step-by-step guide...

Bandit Sign on Wheels is the easiest way to build an army of Marketers. Ruben's Proven System will walk you each step of the way; from finding drivers, to finding cash buyers, and closing on your deals. 

Here's a quick summary of everything you get with The Bandit Sign on Wheels - Mobile Car Sign Program:

  •  Step-by step Guide to the Program, complete with Videos, Photos, and Document Templates
  • Affiliate Autoresponder Emails for Potential Cars,  Qualified Cars, and Completed Cars
  • Contracts and Paperwork
  • Window Agreements
  • Affiliate Agreements
  • Marketing Release Forms
  • Sample Installed Stickers
  • Sample Letters
  • Simple Marketing Tools
  • Incoming Call Scripts
  • Distressed Seller Autoresponder Emails

You Will Also Learn...

  • Where to Get Your Materials
  • Where to Get Your Signs
  • Where to Place Your Bandit Signs
  • How to Determine Your Offer Price 
  • How to Sell Your Deals Quickly
  • How to Find Cash Buyers
  • How to Mail-merge Letters
  • Step by Step Closing Procedures

and more...


  • Indefinite Signage - One Time Expense

    Un-like direct mail, bandit signs, web ads and other traditional advertising – you put out one sign and it’s there indefinitely as a low-cost one-time expense

  • Maximize Your Time

    This system uses other people’s time to the EXTREME – their driving and marketing efforts pay you every deal – plus the word of mouth affiliate cars leaves you eventually no longer needing to solicit cars.

  • High Market Exposure

    Market your brand through high market exposure – your website will be seen all over town.

  • Scalable Marketing Expenses

    Most other forms of advertising have monthly non-scalable and fixed expense (i.e. you mail 5k mailers and spend $4k, with no guaranteed deal) – with a car sign you pay once and never pay again until you get a deal creating a scalable marketing campaign (i.e. your expenses go up as your deals go up)

  • Reach More People

    Car signs are non-discriminatory – you are not pinpointing targeted demographics therefore your advertising base is HUGE and you can find leads before they make it on a lease such as the angry landlord about to evict a tenant or the probate lead that hasn’t been filed in the courts yet

What are you waiting for? Start generating leads now...

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